Requirements-driven Staffing

Swift access to qualified talent across a wide range of skills, technology and industry

We offer a large pool of candidates to select from, for staffing against individual requirements.

Swift access to qualified talent across a wide range of skills, technologies and industries provide you with much needed confidence to achieve your business goals and operational efficiency.

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Project Staffing

Achieve scalability and agility in targeted staffing

Assembling project teams require targeted staffing for different levels, varied roles and skillsets typically against a single statement of work.

We understand the need for scalability and agility while staffing for project teams. We proactively support planned staffing and meet unforeseen demand for more resources with equal flexibility.

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Remote Staffing

Access resources with a variety of skills anytime

We provide staffing for roles where consultants work outside the client site, unfettered by geographical limitations. You get access to a larger pool of resources with a variety of skills in the emerging talent markets.

We identify, screen and acquire individuals and/or set up off-shore teams for clients, if Remote Staffing is the way to go.

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Contingent RPO

Experience excellence in contingent talent acquisition practices

Our reach can help you deal efficiently with intensifying demand for high volume of resources or that one hard-to-fill position.

Our engagement process is driven by performance metrics that offer visibility and accountability.

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What we do

Strengthen your talent pipeline and close your hiring gaps

Contingent RPO is a service provision where BlueAlly Services functions as the “recruitment arm” in your talent acquisition lifecycle for contingent workforce needs. We can deliver this program as an all-encompassing solution inclusive of the technology component or select functions of the recruiting lifecycle.

Feel the Care

We deploy dedicated team of recruiters to source, screen, acquire and onboard candidates with skillsets that best fit your requirements.

Engage Effortlessly

A solution that is right for now can easily be scaled to your evolving requirements in the future.

Total Talent Acquisition

Get the best of MSP and RPO offerings in one integrated workforce solution.

Get a managed service with a sophisticated labor flexibility approach, expertly crafted to match your Talent Strategy.

This is an expanded program that becomes your competitive differentiator in addressing talent requirements with greater flexibility and agility .

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What we do

Adopt a single window approach to acquire contingent staff and direct hires

Implementing a talent strategy through multiple providers, one for contingent workforce and another for permanent staffing or via internal capabilities, could be overwhelming and least cost effective. Partner with us to standardize hiring practices across permanent roles and contingent staff, resulting in process efficiencies and cost savings.

Get the Right Mix

Our deep understanding of workforce trends and market wisdom can help you decide on the right mix of resources.

Align Strategically

A blended approach promotes better alignment of workforce planning with total talent acquisition strategy.

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Other Offerings

SOW & Consulting Solutions

We engage with a commitment to deliver a service outcome. We bring in talent when needed and off-board upon task fullfillment, helping you optimize SOW resource costs.

MSP &. Advisory Services

With our deep understanding of contingent workforce trends, talent communities and technology landscape, we provide impactful contingent workforce solutions.


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