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Internet of Things (IoT)

Incorporate IoT in next-gen operations.

From POCs to large-scale IoT deployments, we help clients to identify, design, implement and run IoT-enabled business operations and processes. Our expertise spans the full range of IoT, from hardware and connectivity to security, applications and services.

Hand showcasing and holding connected devices.

Get ready for opportunities in a hyper-connected world

Flexible, open, scalable, connected and intelligent platforms define IoT. A lack of know-how and poor processes in IoT deployments can lead to project failures. We help you explore opportunities and embrace IoT successfully.

Smart ecosystems

Our technology consultants start with discussing and deriving an understanding of value as it matters to your business objectives. Smart ecosystems are strategized and designed to deliver this value.

The sensors and devices in a cloud-based ecosystem exchange information with other products in its universe. An ecosystem could include devices of both kinds, the simple ones that collect data and the complex that compute within themselves and take actions. We build and deploy smart systems that remain intelligent and powerful, allowing for better control of security of personal and business data.

IoT applications in key industries

Leading businesses across industries such as financial services, manufacturing and healthcare systems are connecting IoT capabilities to advanced analytics, to deliver safe and enhanced customer experiences. The primary application of IoT in telecom is for Service improvements for increased availability and preventive maintenance.

Security-conscious services heavily rely on monitoring devices such as cameras or drones connected to AI and analytical systems. IoT efforts have enabled companies to offer new products and services than ever before.

How we enable you

Innovation and value of an IoT project are driven by the intelligent algorithms built into the software that runs the connected hardware. Our solutions encourage the right balance between re-engineering legacy systems and adding new infrastructures to optimize your IoT investments.

We adopt the right levels of testing for inter-dependencies in a complex system of networked devices.

We focus on agility, scalability and flexibility in the continuous delivery of frequent and manageable low-risk releases.

We pay attention to the security aspects of IoT and address potential threats and vulnerabilities to cyberattacks.

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