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MSP Services

Actualize the full potential of engaging a contingent workforce

Discover unbounded access to top talent, optimized talent supply chain, increased spend visibility, edge to stay market competitive, analytics driven program management and other benefits of a Managed Services Provider (MSP).

Achieve outcomes and benefits that are of strategic value to your business.

What we do

Apply a disciplined approach to contingent workforce lifecycle management

Our MSP model is crafted from deep talent market experience combined with a rigorous understanding of our clients’  business objectives. Our full-service program handles the complete processes of engaging and managing a contingent workforce.

Powerfully tuned to your needs

Contractor Compliance

Our methodical approach to risk mitigation enables you to maintain compliance to local and federal labor laws, health & safety standards and other regulations.

Analytics Driven
Process Management

We help you interpret the data generated by VMS effectively to improve oversight, delivering process refinement on a continuous improvement cycle.

Process fueled
by Technology

We help clients automate the process of procuring contingent staff and roll out custom VMS platform as part of our program.

Supply Chain

We work with you to consolidate the number of suppliers and talent input channels, retaining and nurturing only the ones that provide most value.

Program Delivery your way

The delivery model is aligned to realize the objective of the MSP program. Below are some of the predominant ways in which we can engage with you

Vendor-Neutral Model

We will work with select few vendors who offer the right candidate, without you having to deal with the sourcing complexities. You get the best of what the market has to offer.

Master Vendor Model

We will be your dedicated supplier fulfilling all or significant portion of your staffing requirements while also managing the contingent workforce program as MSP.

Hybrid Framework

This is a combination of other models where an element of Vendor-Neutral or Master Vendor Program arrangements are applied. You get best of the both worlds.

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Payrolling & Compliance

Increase the value a contingent workforce engagement delivers.

Address a range of compliance requirements that arise from engaging contingent workforce.

We keep your contractors content and engaged. We minimize your exposure to employer compliance risks and liabilities.

What we do

Handle necessary due-diligence and administer payroll & benefits

Our solution covers all administrative and legal responsibility for payments, benefits and submission of payroll taxes. BlueAlly can be the Employer of Records for  talented workers that you wish to engage on a contingent basis but do not qualify for independent contractors.

Full Cycle Engagment

We handle all pre-employment screening and due-diligence requirements that are unique to our clients. We assume responsibility for on-boarding, off-boarding procedures and also administer timely pay and comprehensive benefits options.

Minimized Risk & Effort

We deploy a dedicated site supervisor for enhanced oversight where large number of contractors are engaged for an extended period of time.
By partnering with us you minimize time, effort and costs associated with the activity.

Outplacement Services

Protect your brand and reputation.
Mitigate risk of litigation.

Outplacement is an investment.

Our specialists work with acquisition teams to identify potential employers and transition outbound employees to available opportunities.

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What we do

Provide professional assistance to get your outbound employees back to work

Transforming the workforce by eliminating jobs that do not fit the new strategy, is not uncommon. Organizations require a good outplacement plan to maintain positive relationships with displaced employees. Our outplacement program is totally customizable to support diverse career paths.

Rapid re-employment

Our experienced career coaches are equipped to support one employee or many, successfully through this transformation.

Collaborative Partnership

Our consultative approach establishes effective working relationships with stakeholders to achieve a factual objective.

VMS Implementation & Advisory Services

Get the most value from your VMS investments

The VMS landscape is mercurial, with fast paced innovation and introduction of new enhancements making systems more efficient and mature. We understand the complexities and can make it a lot easier for you to select, implement and manage a VMS.

We are a technology-neutral advisor.

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What we do

Take advantage of technology trends, capabilities and insights

We help you pick an appropriate VMS, implement it and manage it for you either as part of our integrated workforce program or whenever you are ready for one. We partner with VMS technology providers and subject matter experts who can deliver a technology experience that is superior.

Increased Visibility

VMS standardizes contractor procurement processes, manages suppliers, independent contractors, SOW spend and mitigates compliance risks.

Adept Implementations

VMS implementation initiatives are driven by least disruption and extensive adoption. We create communication plans that go beyond implementation.

Workforce Advisory Services

Get practical and actionable recommendations to achieve your goals

Draw on our years of industry experience, deep market wisdom and penetrating insights on workforce management trends.

Tap into our knowledge pool to create and execute your personalized Total Talent Management strategy for your organization.

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What we do

Support organizations in adapting to evolving workforce trends

We collaborate with you to understand the primary objective you want to achieve, whether it is cost optimization or supplier consolidation or expanding your global footprint or any other in the scope of contingent workforce management. We offer recommendations that are insightful and practical for challenges in the evolving talent landscape.

Simplify the Complex

We provide you useful insights to identify workforce models that are most appropriate to you.

Build Capabilities

We map out key issues, identify gaps and areas for improvement that are crucial for advancement.

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Other Offerings

SOW & Consulting Solutions

We engage with a commitment to deliver a service outcome. We bring in talent when needed and off-board upon task fullfillment, helping you optimize SOW resource costs.


Staffing for long term or short-term engagements, a single person or large teams, get talent on demand. Tap into our diverse network of top professionals across industries.


Discover your next opportunity here. We are a preferred staffing partner for several Fortune 100 companies. Stay abreast of notifications on new jobs that matter to you.